Building is complex. Our approach to residential construction is simple – we listen intently, meticulously plan, confidently build. Through a commitment to partnership, we are here to help you navigate the journey and get you where you want to be: home.


One of the reasons our clients choose Wright Residential is that we do so much more than just build and renovate beautiful homes. Our team of experienced residential builders is with you every step of the way, from initial vision to land acquisition, design, completion, and on- going maintenance.

This means that you should not wait to call us until you have purchased your land or lot and have complete architectural plans. Our value multiples if you involve us from the start.


We use our long-standing relationships with local real estate professionals to help you find the perfect lot and make sure it is ideal for your needs. To confirm that your desired project is feasible, we will do everything from bringing in consultants (such as soil and civil engineers) to flying a drone to validate the views, to reviewing city and county restrictions, easements, and much more. Our team can help you realize a property’s development potential by adding accessory dwelling units or multi-family units.

Our hearts go out to all those impacted by natural disasters in the communities we call home and those beyond. If you have been affected by a natural disaster, including recent wildfires, our team is here to support you through recovery to resilience. Each recovery journey is unique. Wright Residential’s team members are skilled at locating construction documentation, navigating insurance adjusters and claims, providing rebuild assessments as well as stepping in should you desire to switch contractors.

Let us help you get back home. Reach out to us at 707.978.5851 or build@wrightresidential.com to discuss your recovery journey.

As a custom home builder and general contractor in northern California, we have strong working relationships with the area’s premier architects and interior designers. We’ll provide introductions, matching the best fit for your style and needs. Our in-house architectural designer can help you visualize your exterior elevations and interior components using 3D modeling. For clients working without a design professional, our project designer can provide selection guidance. Our in-house framing and finish carpentry teams give us better control over quality and schedule but often allow us to identify even better options while building. From hardware to finish, our focus is on craftsmanship, detail, and function.

Our pre-construction phase allows us to define the project scope, determine potential challenges, and examine cost impacts. Early involvement permits us to value engineer your project, which helps identify where to invest more money and where less costly options will still provide the results you desire. Our estimating team will obtain subcontractor and vendor bids based on your design which defines your project’s overall budget. Once the permit is issued, you’ll receive a Decision Deadline Schedule to keep the process from becoming overwhelming and allows the construction schedule to remain on track. Connecting all data and workflows – from design to build – and making effective decisions across the entire project lifecycle is our commitment to our clients and partners.

One of the many advantages of working with a general contractor that has a full-time staff is that it’s not just “one person trying to do everything.” Once the project is underway, your Project Manager will use specialized software to track all aspects of your project, giving you the ability to see exactly where things stand. We will track all expenses and provide detailed monthly billings. And our business operations team will stay on top of insurance. Our goal is to take the stress associated with homebuilding off your shoulders by simplifying and bringing clarity to the process.

We handle all aspects of construction, from serving as the point of contact for all consultants, subcontractors, vendors, and city or county inspectors to resolving construction issues as they arise. Your Superintendent and Project Manager will oversee construction. They will be on-site daily, ensuring all work is done to specifications, using the highest quality building materials and techniques. We build your home to last for generations.

Our in-depth project close-out process includes a full inspection. Our President will join you and your Superintendent and Project Manager for a detailed walk-through to compile a final “punch list.” Upon move-in, you will receive a Comprehensive Close-Out Package with copies of all contracts, invoices, releases, city or county documents, manuals, and warranties, as well as photographic documentation of your project.

We build homes to last, knowing that construction completion will be the start of our long-term relationship with you. Wright Residential will guide you on the long-term routine maintenance and inspections recommended to maintain your home properly. We hope you never stop sharing the moments and milestones celebrated in your home with us – you become part of our family!

Let us help you bring your project to life.

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