Learn more about the home building and renovation process with these frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions at build@wrightresidential.com.

The short answer is no…visit with us first. Our most successful projects are those in which we are involved in the plan development from the very beginning. We can provide valuable information throughout the lot acquisition process as well as the design process regarding building costs and constructability review. We work with some very talented architects and designers, but it truly pays to have a builder in the room, making sure you’re designing a home that can and will be built efficiently.

We very well might ask YOU the same question. There are hundreds of variables at play affecting cost when designing and building a new home. Because of this, we don’t have a set price per square foot that we charge. Instead, we work closely with you and your design team from the start to determine how to get the most out of your budget.

Our highly-skilled and trained team members will take a value engineering approach from the design phase’s onset. This approach ensures you are getting the essential features in your new home at any budget level while respecting your stated budget goals.

Several variables affect the construction timeline when building a new home… weather, material and labor availability, customer changes, geography, etc. In most instances, however, a custom homes take an average of twelve to sixteen months and sometimes more depending on the project’s complexity.

Value engineering means continuously looking for ways to lower overall project costs while maintaining the project’s quality and integrity.

Design-build is a method to deliver a project where architect and contractor work collaboratively to provide design and construction services. The streamlined communication process from one team to another provides an efficient, unified flow of work from concept through completion.

Yes, we have relationships with local real estate brokers and other real estate professionals that can assist you in your lot search and purchase. To confirm your lot is buildable, we provide a free lot assessment to help you understand the costs of building on your lot and if further testing is needed. To schedule your free assessment, click here.

While outside designers are certainly always welcome, Wright Residential can provide the guidance and consultation of an experienced Architectural Designer and Project Designer to help you make all your design choices from start to finish. Using 3D modeling software, our team can help visualize your interior space and bring it to life.

While we focus on having all of the selections made before construction starts, we realize that changes along the way are part of the construction process. You will be informed throughout the process when changes can be made efficiently and when they cannot. Change order fees can apply for certain items changed after construction is underway.

We believe a project’s success is determined before the ground is even broken. From design to estimation to construction, we focus on listening intently to bring your aspirations to reality. Parallel to our dedication to quality is our focus on transparent and timely communication.

Besides regular planning meetings and calls during the project, your Superintendent and Project Manager will make sure that you can reach them and that they can reach you. We understand our clients’ busy schedules, and we will go out of our way to facilitate convenient times and ways to meet or talk to you. Although planning usually uncovers all design and technical issues, sometimes an idea occurs, or a product change or feature is desired after construction has started. In these cases, your build team will work with you to explore options and identify a solution. The resulting change may or may not require additional costs, but in all cases, you and your build team will agree on a documented plan of action, so there are no surprises. Because of the high degree of collaboration, our clients have found that their changes are identified early enough to avoid significant impacts on the schedule or budget.

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